YouTube Shorts is getting new features: Live, collabs, and more

By Ankita Garg: YouTube has unveiled an array of fresh creative tools for those who use its Shorts feature. With Shorts captivating over two billion logged-in users monthly, YouTube is steadfast in expanding avenues for creators to showcase their creativity through more tools. Here is everything you need to know.

The platform is adding a new Collab feature, just like Instagram. The tool enables recording Shorts alongside other YouTube or Shorts videos in a side-by-side configuration. Creators also get a variety of split-screen layout options. Initiating the process involves hitting “Remix” button, followed by “Collab,” to fuse eligible Shorts or YouTube content. Initially available on iOS, the feature’s rollout will extend to Android soon, joining the ranks of Green Screen and Cut as versatile modes for Shorts remixing.

We will also see a new Q&A sticker feature, which is to facilitate direct question-and-answer interactions within the comments section for creators. An added bonus comes in the form of creators responding with a Short, granting them the ability to acknowledge those who fuel their creativity.

Moreover, YouTube’s experimental vertical live experience injects a mobile-centric dynamic into Shorts. Previews of vertical live videos will be interwoven into the Shorts feed, affording creators fresh channels to connect with their audience. Simultaneously, established features such as Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships will enrich the repertoire of live creators.

Enhancing the creation process, a new feature amalgamates audio and effects from remixed Shorts automatically. Activating the Remix button and selecting “use sound” will align the audio timestamp and effect, offering creation suggestions. Now, you can also save Shorts directly to playlists from the Shorts feed, which empowers users to curate and locate inspiration seamlessly. The storage of discovered effects in playlists ensures ready access for future utilization.

YouTube’s plans also include testing recomposition tools for the conversion of horizontal videos into Shorts. This resource allows adjustments to layout, zoom, and cropping, preserving pivotal aspects of long-form content while generating engaging and original Shorts.

Collab is debuting for iOS creators today, and it will gradually extend to Android users in the subsequent weeks. Further tool launches are imminent in the weeks ahead, coinciding with a gradual rollout of the full-screen experience to viewers across the coming months.

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