Samsung launches a Micro LED television in India worth more than Rs 1 crore

By Sneha Saha: Samsung, which has been the global leader in television technology for nearly two decades, today announced the launch of its ultra-premium Micro LED television in India. This ultra-luxurious offering, Samsung claims, is set to revolutionize the television industry with its unprecedented features and next-level technology. The Micro LED television will be available starting today at select retail stores and on Samsung’s official website for Rs 11499000.

Sporting a sleek design, this Micro LED television is targeted at consumers who desire an ultra-premium viewing experience. It offers 24.8 million micrometer-sized ultra-small LEDs, which are 1/10th the size of conventional large-sized LEDs. Crafted from sapphire material, the second hardest material on Earth, the Micro LED promises an immersive viewing experience with vibrant colours and a heightened level of clarity and contrast.

The minimalistic Monolith Design allows the Micro LED to blend seamlessly with any home decor style, all thanks to its invisible bezel and no-gap slim edges. Furthermore, the Ambient Mode+ feature lets consumers turn it into an art display wall, providing an unforgettable, immersive experience.

The Micro LED television offers lifelike colour representation, sharp contrast, optimum peak brightness, and sublime AI-upscaling. It comprises Micro LED, Micro Contrast, Micro Colour, Micro HDR, and Micro AI Processor that work together to provide a high-end picture quality. Furthermore, the Arena Sound feature renders unparalleled 3D sound and an overwhelming cinematic experience, thanks to its three components – OTS Pro, Dolby Atmos, and Q-Symphony.

There’s also the Multi View feature that allows content viewing from up to four different sources in pristine 4K resolution at up to 120 FPS. This adds to the overall immersive experience whether watching live sports, TV shows or playing video games.

Moreover, the Micro LED comes with a SolarCell Remote, reflecting Samsung’s commitment to promoting sustainability. This battery-free remote can be charged using indoor lighting alone, making it a smart choice for eco-conscious consumers.

The Micro LED also boasts of enhanced customised features such as the classy Art Mode and the Ambient Mode+. Art Mode allows consumers to exhibit their favorite artworks, digital photographs, or personal photos on the television screen. Ambient Mode+ enables consumers to customise their TV screen to blend with their home decor.

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