Netflix is hiring for many AI-related positions with annual salary up to Rs 7.4 crore: all details

By Divya Bhati: AI and Machine Learning positions are currently hot sellers in the tech world. With the integration of AI tools like ChatGPT, many tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta are working on building strong AI-focused teams. It’s not just the techies- the streaming media company Netflix is also working around AI and hiring for several related roles with exuberant salaries.

Netflix on its official job listing portal has advertised a job opening for a Product Manager – Machine Learning Platform, with an annual salary of up to $900,000 (approximately Rs 7.4 crores). The key responsibilities of the AI Product Manager include improving Netflix’s machine-learning platform and utilising AI for content creation. The role is further either based on Netflix’ Los Gatos office or can be remotely-based on the West Coast (Pacific Standard Timezone).’

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Netflix says that it is creating a new Product Management role to increase the leverage of our Machine Learning Platform. “With more than 230 million members in over 190 countries, Netflix continues to shape the future of entertainment around the world. Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence is powering innovation, from personalization for members, to optimising our payment processing and other revenue-focused initiatives.”

According to the company’s website, the salary range for roles in this area at Netflix is typically $300,000 – $900,000.

While this role seems to be a dream for many, it is not the only opening currently. Netflix has also listed several high-paying jobs surrounding Machine learning including a vacancy for Technical Director at its gaming studio. The salary for this role ranges between $450,000 and $650,000. Other openings are Research Scientist (L6) – Machine Learning and Inference Research, Software Engineer L5, Machine Learning Platform with salaries starting with $100,000 i.e around Rs 82 lakh.

Interested job seekers can apply for these openings by visiting the official job portal of Netflix.

Meanwhile, the recent AI job openings at Netflix have caught special attention amidst Hollywood union protests against the use of AI in content generation and seeking protections against AI taking over their jobs. Interestingly, this job announcement coincides with ongoing strikes by actors and writers who are demanding better pay and rules on how studios can use new technology. The writers are worried that the high-paying AI jobs might replace traditional roles and limit creative freedom in the industry.

Writers are deeply concerned about how AI will be used in the entertainment industry. They are worried that AI might be used officially to create story ideas and write scripts, potentially replacing them and the significance of their work. Writers and actors are determined to safeguard their careers and creative opportunities in the entertainment industry from being taken over by AI.

Notably, the rise of AI is causing concerns about its potential impact on jobs in various sectors, including the tech industry. There is worry that AI models might become more efficient and replace some human tasks. However, many experts believe that AI is simply a technological advancement and that people can coexist and thrive by working alongside AI. They back their stance by emphasising that AI lacks human critical thinking and, as a result, cannot replace essential human skills.

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