Meta’s Twitter alternate Threads hype over? Active users drop drastically after initial sign-ups surge

By Abhik Sengupta: Threads’ active user base appears to have dropped significantly after an initial surge in sign-ups. Although the platform was launched as a text-based extension of Instagram, there are notable similarities to X, formerly known as Twitter. As reported by CNN, citing a Sensor Tower report, Threads’ daily active user count was down 82 per cent from its launch as of July 31, with just eight million users using the app daily. The report also notes that this is the lowest count since the app’s launch last month. At its peak, the app had approximately 44 million active users.

Sensor Tower also notes that users are opening the Threads app by Meta far less frequently. The report claims that users spent barely 2.9 minutes per day compared to 19 minutes of scrolling during the initial launch. Another research analyst firm, Similarweb, shared similar findings. The research firm notes that Meta’s Twitter alternate’s user count peaked at roughly 49 million on July 7, the day after launch, and fell steadily to just over 11 million by July 29. The steepest drop seemingly occurred in the last two weeks.

Interestingly, Meta co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s activities on Threads have also declined. While he continues to reply to posts, he is not sharing organic posts as frequently as he did during the initial launch.

Threads generated massive hype on the back of the so-called crisis at Twitter. In the first week of launch, the platform hit 100 million sign-ups. Even during the company’s earnings call last month, CEO Zuckerberg said he was “quite optimistic” about the Threads app. He added, “We saw unprecedented growth out of the gate and more importantly we’re seeing more people coming back daily than I’d expected.”

The surge in user count could also be attributed to Threads’ links to Instagram. To use the app, users can log in with their Instagram ID on Threads, and there needs to be no other verification step. Instagram has over a billion users.

Meanwhile, X-owner Elon Musk has repeatedly said that his platform has nothing to worry about. Firstly, Musk rebranded Twitter to X, stealing Threads’ hype entirely. Additionally, the X-owner also rolled out an ad revenue-sharing programme to allow active Twitter users to earn money for their tweets. The feature is slowly expanding to other countries as well. Instagram nor Threads offer an ad revenue-sharing programme. X has also promised to transform the existing app into an “everything” app to retain and attract new users.

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