Meta employee gets fired just after a year of joining, pauses job search and goes on a 32-day road trip

By Divyanshi Sharma: In our day-to-day routine, we often miss out on spending some quality time with our family members. And a Meta employee, taking her layoff in a rather positive stride, realised just that and went on a 32-day long road trip with her son. Meta has laid off thousands of people in the last couple of months and the company’s former employees often share their stories on job search platform LinkedIn.

Sharing her story, the woman wrote that she decided to give her job search a pause and took a month-long road trip with her son and how it helped them both in dealing with the things that were going on in their lives. Travelling truly can be thereupatic at times and this ex-Meta executive’s story just proves that.

Ex-Meta employee on her road trip

Beginning her post on an inspirational note, the woman wrote that life is about how you get up after falling. She then revealed that she, as well as her son, had been on similar journeys this summer when things didn’t go the way they expected. While the woman got laid off from her job at Meta after a year of joining, her son got a shoulder injury that interfared with his chances of being on the baseball team.

“We had both worked so hard during the fall and winter and had such huge momentum that when we hit the speed bump, our first reaction was to try to quickly swerve back. I jumped right into the job search and he accelerated his return to play. The next step on this journey came a little faster for me than it did for him,” she added.

Writing how she realized the need for a detour, the woman wrote that they went on a 32-day long road trip during which they visited Florida, Georgia, and Alabama for baseball.

“During this time, we also visited family in Florida, went to Disney, and rode ArieForce One in Atlanta – which was the most thrilling rollercoaster I have ever experienced. And I got time that I will forever treasure as we spent hours in the car listening to music and podcasts and talking about colleges and majors.”

Talking about how job search is exhausting, she wrote, “While not everyone realizes it, job searching is exhausting and can burn you out if you let it. And so, I decided that over the 32 days, I would be more tactical and selective about the time I spent on the job search. In the additional time, I focused on pursuing interests, working on skills, doing things that I enjoy, and being more present.”

She concluded the post by sharing a happy picture of her son and herself.

About Meta layoffs

Facebook-parent Meta announced its second round of layoffs, impacting 10,000 employees, in March this year.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an email to his employees, “This will be tough and there’s no way around that. It will mean saying goodbye to talented and passionate colleagues who have been part of our success. They’ve dedicated themselves to our mission and I’m personally grateful for all their efforts. We will support people in the same ways we have before and treat everyone with the gratitude they deserve.”

However, only 4,000 people got the layoff mail back then and the remaining 6,000 got to know about their fate in May. Previously, the company had fired 11,000 employees in 2022.

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