Meet popular actress turned IAS, who cracked UPSC CSE while serving as KAS officer, had AIR…

Know the story of this actor who became an IAS officer and cracked the UPSC CS exam in 2020 on her sixth attempt.

In many movies and TV series, we see actors portraying the role of an IAS officer very convincingly. But it is very rarely seen in real life that any actor turns into an IAS officer and takes up an administrative job. Although rare, there is an actress who left her career in the entertainment industry and decided to aim for administrative jobs. 

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We all know that UPSC is extremely difficult and a major portion of aspirants who set out to become IAS give up midway and settle for another job. It is even difficult when you have been on the limelight and have an active social life where people know you and want to meet you because of your celebrity status.  But HS Keerthana who was once a child artist and featured in many movies and TV shows is now an IAS officer.

The former child actress cracked the UPSC exam after being disappointed five times but never lost hope and with determination and dedication cracked the most difficult recruitment exam in the world on her sixth attempt. She joined as an Assistant Commissioner of Mandya District, Karnataka for her first posting. 

Keerthana was a part of popular daily soaps like Karpoorada Gombe, Ganga-Yamuna, Muddina Aliya, Upendra, A, Kanoor Heggadati, Circle Inspector, O Mallige, Lady Commissioner, Habba, Dore, Simhadri and TV serials like Janani, Chiguru, and Putani Agent.

Before starting her UPSC preparations, Keerthana appeared for the Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) exam in 2011 and cleared the exam with flying colours. She served as a KAS officer for two years and then decided to appear for the UPSC CSE and started her preparation. 

Keerthana appeared for the UPSC CSE in 2013 for the first time. Thereafter she appeared five times but did not succeed in clearing the UPSC CSE exam. But after five attempts in 2020, IAS Keerthana appeared for the UPSC CSE for a sixth time. This time she got through and became an IAS officer with an All India Rank (AIR) 167. 

IAS HS Keerthana’s story is truly inspiring and a remainder that anybody, who is dedicated enough, can achieve any set goals with sheer hard work and dedication. 

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