Mark Zuckerberg posts his chats with wife Priscilla Chan on social media, it’s all about the lawn

By Sneha Saha: One of the world’s leading tech CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg, frequently expresses his love for his family. Whether on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll often find Zuckerberg sharing moments with his wife, Priscilla Chan, and their children. He recently discussed what life as a “girl dad” looks like. While many of his posts celebrate joyful times, his latest stands out for its humorous tone.

In his recent Instagram Story, the Meta CEO shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with his wife, discussing the MMA Octagon he built in their backyard. Chan’s response reflected the surprise of many wives – and likely amused them as well. She explained that she had been working on growing the grass in their backyard for the past two years. It seems that Zuckerberg’s surprise addition may have landed him in hot water.

Zuckerberg playfully shared the WhatsApp conversation, asking his followers to weigh in on whether he should keep the Octagon or save the grass.

However, there’s a backstory to the construction of the Octagon. Recently, Zuckerberg and another tech giant, Elon Musk, have been playfully challenging each other to a cage fight. This banter has taken place across various posts on Instagram and Twitter, with Zuckerberg sharing updates on his fight training.

So, how did this playful feud begin? It all started when Musk reacted to the news of Meta’s plans to launch a Twitter competitor called Threads. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play store, Threads has already been downloaded by millions of users in a remarkably short time. Note that an Instagram account is necessary to create an account on Threads.

Meta is planning to continue developing Threads with new features. Recently, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri confirmed that Threads will soon allow users to engage in direct messaging.

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