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JKSSB Selection List for Inspector Fisheries and other posts

JKSSB Provisional Selection List of candidates for the posts of Inspector Fisheries/Farm Manager/Equivalent (Level 6E; Item No. 655: UT Cadre). Animal/Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries Department, advertised vide Notification No. 04 of 2021 dated 17.07.2021

Whereas, the Animal/Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries Department, vide Indent No. ASH/Coord/24/2014 dated 29.09.2020, among other posts, forwarded the requisition for making direct recruitment to six posts of Inspector Fisheries/farm Manager/Equivalent, as detailed below

Whereas, in terms of the notified selection criteria, the selection for these posts was to be made on the basis of the Written Examination only and accordingly, the JKSSB conducted Computer Based Test (CBT) on 08.02.2023 and on the basis of the performance of the candidates in the aforesaid CBT, the Board, vide Notification JKSSB COEDEXAM(UT)/05/2023-04(7110979) dated 31.05.2023, published the Result/Score Sheet of the candidates and

Whereas, after the publication of Result/Score Sheet, the candidates, falling in the consideration zone were called for Document Verification (DV) vide Notification JKSSB COEGEXAM(UT)/8/2023-013 (7237093) stated 13.06.2023, flowed by Supplementary Document Ventication vidi No. 355B-COEGEXAM(UT)-48/2023-03(7207093) dated 16.06.2023; and

Where, the Board constituted a Selection Committee for finalizing this selection, which, on the boss of the ment of the osoditates as obtained in the CIT examination and category wise break-up of vacancies prepared the Provisional Selection List for these posts and the same was approved by the Board in 243 mooting held on 16.10.2021‏

Now therefore, the Provisional Selection List of the candidates for the post of Inspector Fisheries/Farm Manager/unient. (Level 6: Item No. 65; UT Cadre), reved from the Department of AnimalSheep Hustsendry and Fisheries and advertised vide Notification No. of 2021 stated 17.07.2021 shoreby notified as per Annexure-A to this Notification. It is further ordered that:

JKSSB Selection List for Inspector Fisheries

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