Instagram boss confirms Threads will soon allow users to chat using DMs

By Divyanshi Sharma: Earlier this month, Meta’s new text-based social media platform, Threads, went live and people across the world were quite curious to try out the new app in town. Allowing users to log in via their Instagram credentials, Threads sounded like a promising platform that would give users a chance to share their thoughts with the world in a way that it has never really been done before. The app was launched at such a time when people started losing interest in Twitter because the platform imposed a rate limit on users along with many other changes. Thus, Threads, was considered to be an alternative to Twitter (now called X).

However, Instagram head Adam Mosseri, in an earlier interview, confirmed that Meta had no intentions of replacing Twitter and that Threads is more about building a ‘public square for communities on Instagram that never really embraced Twitter’. And now, while speaking to Washington Post, Mosseri has confirmed yet another speculation about Threads – that it will soon be getting DM support and will allow users to message each other.

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Threads getting DMs

The ability to message and interact with people privately is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any social media platform. And while we all initially were surprised to see that there was no DM option on Threads, Mosseri has confirmed that it will be arriving soon.

While speaking to The Washington Post, Mosseri talked about what the team is prioritising, when it comes to Threads. He mentioned that the team’s focus is primarily on four things, including figuring out how to let people message each other on the app.

“Lots of basics like that really need to get fixed — and fixed quickly,” he told the publication.

Another Twitter-like feature that Threads has begun rolling out for some users is dividing their feeds to Following and For You.

“Your feed on Threads allows you to view posts from other profiles, now with two options – For you is a view of your Threads feed that includes a mix of posts from profiles you’ve chosen to follow and recommended accounts. Following will only show posts from people you follow in chronological order,” the company said.

How was Threads formed?

The Washington Post report also sheds light on how Threads, as a platform, was born. The report states that the plan was to add several Twitter-like features to Instagram. However, Mark Zuckerberg had bigger ideas.

Mosserri was on a holiday when he got a call from Zuckerberg who asked him to ‘go bigger’ after the duo discussed adding Twitter-like features to Instagram. By the time their call ended, the Instagram CEO knew he had to build a new app to compete with Twitter.

“Oh God, we’ve got to figure this out, because [Zuckerberg is] very excited about this,” Mosseri remembered thinking back then. He told the publication that when Zuckerberg gets his teeth into something, one can tell at times.

And after 7 months of this conversation between the two, Threads was launched.

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