Google will now let you know if your private information is available online 

By Ankita Chakravarti:
In a move to enhance user privacy and protection, Google is revolutionizing the way you manage your personal information on its search results. The tech giant is introducing a new feature that will make finding and removing your contact details a breeze. No more tedious searches and manual requests!

Earlier in September, Google unveiled its “results about you” dashboard on both mobile and web platforms. Now, with the latest update, this dashboard becomes even more powerful. Gone are the days when you had to conduct searches to track down your personal information. Once you input your details, the dashboard automatically searches the web, presenting you with websites that contain matches. You can then review each webpage and effortlessly request the removal of your information.

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In the past, users were required to laboriously search for their personal information and then manually submit removal requests. But now, Google will notify you whenever it finds your address, phone number, or email online. This way, you stay in control, deciding what information to remove with just a few taps.

For added convenience, Google offers push notifications. These will notify you of any new search results that may pop up in the future. Worried about the status of your removal requests? Fear not! Google’s hub keeps you informed, displaying your requests’ progress – from pending to approved, denied, or undone. Notably, the security feature is only available in the US currently.

However, it’s essential to understand that removing your information from Google does not mean it vanishes entirely from the web. Although Google can take it down from its search results, people may still find it if they stumble upon the original webpage. Moreover, the tech giant has limitations on certain types of search results it can’t remove, and it won’t act on government or educational institution-related content.

This update is particularly valuable for those who have experienced doxxing – unauthorized disclosure of personal information. By streamlining the removal process, Google offers a quicker response to such incidents, mitigating potential harm.

Initially, this feature is rolling out in the United States, available in English. However, Google promises to expand its reach, making it accessible in other countries and languages soon.
In a world where personal data protection is paramount, Google’s efforts to empower users in managing their information are commendable. So, get ready to take control of your online presence and safeguard your privacy like never before.

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