Google UK boss warns Bard should not be trusted, says use Google search engine for accurate answers

By Divyanshi Sharma: Google launched its AI tool, Bard, in February this year. The chatbot, at the time of its launch, was being looked at as an alternative to Search and people though that this would be the new way to ‘Google’ information. However, it looks like that will take longer than expected as Bard is still improving and a disclaimer on its homepage also states that Bard, at times, might give out incorrect answers. And now, Google UK’s boss has warned that Bard will not always give out reliable answers and that people must cross-check Bard’s responses with the traditional Google search engine just to be sure.

Google UK boss says Bard is not reliable

In an interview with the BBC, Google UK Managing Director, Debbie Weinstein, said that Google won’t always offer trustworthy information. Weinstein added that they, at Google, are aware that people trust the search engine for getting reliable, accurate information and that they are ‘encouraging’ people to ‘actually use Google as the search engine’. She also said that Bard was not the place where people should go for finding ‘specific information’.

This is not the first time that a Google employee has warned against Bard’s responses being unreliable. In April this year, Bloomberg reported that the publication viewed an internal document as per which, 18 current and former Google employees said that Bard was giving out low quality information ‘in a race to keep up with the competition’ while giving ‘less priority to its ethical commitments’.

Google Bard trainers claim to be underpaid, stressed

More recently, the people who are responsible for training Bard came forward and said that they aren’t really happy with their working conditions. Several contract workers came forward and told Bloomberg that they were ‘overworked, underpaid and stressed’ while reviewing Bard’s answers.

The report quoted six contract workers who said that since the company entered into a competitive race with OpenAI, the ‘size of their workload and the complexity of their tasks has increased’. Without any proper training, the contract workers were asked to check answers in subjects ranging from medicine to law. The publication also reviewed documents in which ‘convoluted instructions’ were given to the workers. The report also said that workers were given extremely tight deadlines, as little as three minutes, to review Bard’s responses.

“As it stands right now, people are scared, stressed, underpaid and don’t know what’s going on,” one of the contractors told the publication and added, “And that culture of fear is not conducive to getting the quality and the teamwork that you want out of all of us.”

In addition to this, a Google contract worker also warned Congress via a letter in May that Bard could become a ‘faulty and dangerous product’ as the contractors are asked to review content under such tight deadlines. The report also revealed that these contract workers as paid as little as USD 14 an hour for their labour.

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