Ex-Google HR reveals how to make your job application stronger, shares tips for getting noticed faster

By Divyanshi Sharma: Millions of techies across the globe have lost their jobs in the last couple of months. It all began when Elon Musk started mass layoffs at Twitter, shortly after taking over as the company’s owner in 2022. After this, major tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Meta announced mass layoffs in order to cut costs and grapple with present economic conditions. And due to layoffs happening across the globe, the tech job market became super competitive.

Millions of people are looking for new jobs via job-searching platforms like LinkedIn. While some get responses, there are a lot of people who struggle with getting noticed by the company and even securing an interview after applying for a job. And to help such people, former Google and DoorDash recruiter Nolan Church revealed the first things that a candidate must do after applying for a job online.

Google HR shares how to make job application stronger

While speaking to CNBC Make It, Church said that once a candidate applies for a job, he/she must follow up by dropping a message on LinkedIn or a personalised email to the company’s hiring manager and CEO. This, as per Church, can help the candidate’s job application get noticed.

It is a known fact that companies might get hundreds of job applications in a single day and there are chances that one’s job application might not get enough attention. But following Church’s advice can actually help people in improving their chances of boosting their job application.

Church also said that while he was working at DoorDash, the company’s CEO Tony Xu would often get such emails and used to forward those to him every time. He added that in about 90 per cent of such cases, the company took up calls with those people who followed up with an email or a message on LinkedIn.

Adding to this, Church said that people should not worry about the organisation’s size before sending such emails and messages. He then followed with a small example of Amazon. If a candidate were applying to Amazon and wanted to send an email to Andy Jassy about it, they must not be intimidated and do that nevertheless.

Church, who is now the CEO of Continuum, a talent marketplace for executives, urged candidates not to be intimidated by the size of the companies

“He might not be the one reading that email, but someone on his team could see it and forward it along to HR or even a VP,” he said.

Layoffs at Google

Meanwhile, Google announced its decision to let go of 12,000 people in January this year and the news caused quite a stir in the industry. After all, the tech giant is known for offering the best perks to its employees and is the dream company of many techies.

More recently, Google announced that it will be firing people in its Waze mapping app department as they begin integrating the app into Google maps products. Chris Philips, who heads the Geo unit of Google, informed employees about the layoffs decision via an email.

Talking about the recent layoffs, Google had said in a statement to Reuters, “In order to create a better, more seamless long-term experience for Waze advertisers, we’ve begun transitioning Waze’s existing advertising system to Google Ads technology. As part of this update, we’ve reduced those roles focused on Waze Ads monetisation.”

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