Ex-Byju’s employee fails to get a job offer despite various interviews, says he is going through a tough phase

By Divyanshi Sharma: Renowned edtech company Byju’s made headlines for firing around 1,000 people in June quietly. The company never really formally announced the layoffs but a Moneycontrol report had stated that around a thousand employees had lost their jobs. It was also reported that Byju’s was asking its employees to resign voluntarily, and they had no prior knowledge of the decision. Some even claimed that the employees email addresses were discontinued and official identity cards were confiscated abruptly.

One such employee, who lost his job at Byju’s has now come forward to look for another job offer on LinkedIn. In his post, he says that he is going through a very rough time ever since he lost his job and that any leads would be appreciated.

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Byju’s employee talks about layoff

The employee began his LinkedIn post by writing that he has been going through a ‘very tough phase’ and would appreciate any leads when it comes to job opportunities. He also added that despite appearing for some interviews, he has not yet received any job offer.

“Hi Everyone,l lost my job and I’m currently going through a very tough phase. Any leads would be highly appreciated. I have given a few interviews, but unfortunately, I haven’t received any job offers yet. It seems that either budget constraints or specific role requirements are causing the issue,” he wrote.

He further added that being ‘open to work’ could be one of the most financially draining experiences but he won’t be giving up easily. Optimistic about his future, he asked people to share references with respec tto job opportunities, if any.

Byju’s employees’ morale took a hit

Earlier, a Reuters report had revealed that the atmosphere at Byju’s office was quite grim with people hunting for jobs in fear of getting fired abruptly.

“Morale is at an all-time low. Literally every person has a job portal open on their laptop at all times. Everyone wants to leave desperately before they are asked to pack up overnight,” a senior manager at Byju’s told Reuters, requesting to be anonymous. The manager further added that the situation was that managers and their subordinates were sitting together, looking for new jobs.

“The general sentiment is that the company is struggling,” an analyst at the company had said and added, “Almost 90% of us, myself included, are waiting for a performance appraisal which hasn’t happened.”

Talking about the laid-off employees, they will get two months’ salary as severance and their full and final settlement should reach them by September-October, or about 45 days after July. After this, no extra severance will be given by the company.

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