Earn Rs 6 lakh by creating by Snapchat lenses, here is how

By Ankita Chakravarti: Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, has introduced a new program called “Lens Creator Rewards” to recognize and reward creators who make interesting Lenses on Snapchat. These Lenses are the fun filters and effects that make Snapchat enjoyable to use.

The program aims to celebrate the most creative Lenses that let people express themselves and have fun with their friends. When you use these Lenses, you can try out different looks and explore exciting virtual scenes.

India is one of the top five countries where creators make these Lenses, and people here love engaging with them. It shows that India has a vibrant community of creators from different places, adding diversity to the cool stuff you can find on Snapchat.

The Lens Creator Rewards Program offers a great chance for these creators to get recognition and money for their hard work. Every month, the best Lens Creator in India, the United States, and Mexico can get up to Rs 6 lakh (around $7,200) as a reward for their outstanding creations. The program is open to creators from almost 40 countries, including India, so many people can join and participate.

To be part of the program, creators need to make innovative Lenses that people love to use. If you are interested in joining, you can find more details about eligibility in the Lens Creator Rewards Terms.

Snapchat has seen a rise in creators from India over the past few years, showing that more and more people here are interested in making these cool Lenses.

When the Lens Creator Rewards program was announced, Pradeepa Anandhi, a Snap AR Ambassador and Creator, shared her excitement. She said the program is a fantastic opportunity for creators to be recognized and rewarded for their creative work. The monthly cash prizes motivate both experienced and new creators to come up with unique and exciting experiences for all Snapchat users.

Joseph Darko, the Global Head of AR Developer Relations at Snap Inc., mentioned that Snapchatters love Lenses created by the global AR community, which has over 300,000 creators, developers, and teams from around the world. Snap is committed to rewarding these creators for their valuable contributions as they improve their skills and grow their businesses through the Lens Creator Rewards Program.

So, if you love creating cool Lenses on Snapchat, this program is for you! Join the Lens Creator Rewards Program and get a chance to earn recognition and Rs 6 lakh for your amazing creations. Let your imagination run wild and give Snapchatters an unforgettable experience!

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