Creepy Instagram users will find it hard to send DMs to random accounts 

By Ankita Chakravarti: Are you also tired of endless DMs from people who you do not follow on Instagram? The Meta owned photo-sharing app has a solution for you.

Instagram is working to protect you from unwanted messages from people you don’t follow. They’ve made changes to the way messages work on the platform, making it harder for spammers to bother you.

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In the past, anyone could send you as many messages as they wanted, even if you didn’t follow them. This could be annoying and overwhelming. But now, Instagram has limited this behavior. If someone you don’t follow wants to chat with you, they can only send one message as an invitation.

Cindy Southworth, who leads women’s safety at Meta (the company that owns Instagram), explained that the goal is to make users feel confident and in control of their inboxes. By limiting messages from unknown users, they hope to reduce spam and make the platform a safer place.

“We want people to feel confident and in control when they open their inbox,” Cindy Southworth, Meta’s head of women’s safety, told The Verge in a statement. “That’s why we’re testing new features that mean people can’t receive images, videos or multiple messages from someone they don’t follow, until they’ve accepted the request to chat.”

Moreover, this message can only contain text. So you won’t receive any unsolicited photos, videos, or voice messages anymore. This makes your inbox feel safer and more organized.

But wait, there’s more! If you accept the invitation, then the person can send you more messages. Until you accept, they can’t bombard you with multiple messages.

To access these message requests, you can click on the “Requests” button, which you’ll find above your inbox in the DM tab on Instagram. But remember, you’ll only receive these requests if your privacy settings require people to send a request before messaging you.

This move is part of a broader safety effort by Meta. They are also implementing stronger parental controls on Instagram and Messenger. Parents will now have better visibility into their child’s activities on these apps, giving them peace of mind.

With these changes, Instagram aims to create a better and safer experience for its users. So you can now chat with your friends without worrying about unwanted messages cluttering your inbox.

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