JKboseResults owes its origin and allegiance to The JKboseResults Foundation, a non-governmental organisation
based in Kashmir that had committed itself to disburse; philanthropism(Altruism) among the underprivileged &
education related services(information) to the students of Kashmir Valley.

JKboseResults in itself, is an initiative that primely aims to help students of Kashmir get timely updates regarding their academical information dispersed by their respective institutions they are enrolled in.

As a collective responsible team, a total of 2 members work under the roof of Kashmir Student Alerts that include an Administrator(Social Media Assets), Managing Director(Establishments, Top priority administerial decisions).

JKboseResults takes the sole responsibility of all the information disseminated by or on account of its social assets & guarantees courtesy to those third party disseminating units from whom our information is extracted, re-produced & re-disseminated.

For further details & queries, mail your concerns/feedback/questions to
[email protected]